SophieDelebarre Conseil

SophieDelebarre Conseil

SophieDelebarre Conseil is currently changing its name. It is in the process to become “A tire d’elles”. It is a consulting organisation based in La Madeleine (close to Lille) and specialized in consulting European projects engineering and support in the field of social innovation for the experiment, the construction and the transfer of methods and innovative tools which favor the social and professional inclusion of the most fragile public, in particular the young people. It works directly in management and animation of transnational partnership of projects or as external support for project leaders, either on missions of capitalization and modelling, or on missions of evaluation.

It supports for more than 20 years (1997) numerous European projects of construction and partnership of innovative methodologies and tools for the social and professional integration of the public distant from the labour market. It is involved in the development of the participative initiatives through the animation or the evaluation of citizen participation plans and in particular the development of methods and innovative tools to encourage the participation of the young people and the job-seekers.

It works essentially on:

– Participative democracy, citizenship mobilization of the inhabitants in the sustainable development, the animation of working groups or groups of dialogue, evaluation of levers and issues…

– Governance and assessment of public policies and citizenship, support of number of regional and local communities, experience of the public policies

– New indicators of wealth, social and solidarit economies, initiatives of sustainable development of territories

– Animation of partnerships and transnational projects of cooperation, support of project leaders, financial and administrative engineering, evaluation

Conception and control of tools and methods of animation and capitalization which favor the participation of the actors and the operational effectiveness of studied solutions.