ADICE is a non-profit organization, created in 1999. ADICE is composed of 9 employees and some volunteers. ADICE main aim is to actively support against discrimination and to facilitate the social inclusion of young persons with fewer opportunities: job seekers, migrants, and social disadvantaged persons by supporting their participation in national, European and international training and mobility programs. Our work consists in helping people enduring these situations to engage themselves actively in getting experiences to enrich and reinforce their personal and professional life-paths. The objective is to accompany a young in the definition and construction of a future project, to give them the opportunity to gain new experiences which will facilitate their access to employment and encourage their participation in the process of democratic decision-making.

ADICE works on local development strategies and methods to support young people with social and professional difficulties (e.g. unemployed, excluded people) throughout the mobility process. In that sense, ADICE promotes mobility at local and national level in various institutions acting in the field of youth, senior, migrant and/or unemployed policy and in particular for young people with fewer opportunities.

ADICE encourages mobility and international commitment building projects that start from the realities of the young participant and his expectations.

Projects mobility initiation, engagement (volunteering abroad) or professional mobility’s are built to contribute directly or indirectly to the return to work of the participants.